Fight for Your Life

I love Dr. Strange. I rewatched it two Saturdays ago and honestly, I’m never going to not appreciate this movie.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a post dedicated to my love for Dr. Strange, Benadryl Cumbersquatch, or the MCU.

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Jealous God

I am going to attempt to finally write about the sermon from RCF’s fall retreat. I’m not sure how this is going to go. Posts dedicated to sermon reflections always seem to be the most difficult ones to write because my thoughts tend to be all over the place. Even more difficult when you let like 3 weeks pass…heh.

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I’m rusty with this blogging thing. Minus the one about my Corolla, I haven’t written a more intentional post in awhile. I’ve gotten very accustomed to the emotional outpouring kind of posts.

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The Views

I feel like I’ve been slacking on parsing my thoughts/reflections, so even if it’s super sloppy writing, I wanted to make sure to get my thoughts down from today’s sermon.

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This might actually be the most jumbled post I write, and perhaps, ever will write, on here.

I just need to get this clutter out of my head and straightened out in words.

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Find Your Nathan

Accountability always scared me and I normally shy away from accountability for my sins. Some reasons include not wanting to be rebuked, not wanting to give up my sins, and not wanting to feel bad about myself.

I’ve been struggling with certain sins so long that I don’t even remember when they began. I kept trying to overcome my habitual sins on my own, because I felt too awkward and embarrassed to tell anyone. I feared judgement, that the person would look at me differently. However, I think these sins are the kind where you absolutely need a trusted sister/brother to help.

And I’m tired of constantly falling back into this.

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Insecurities were recently a common conversation topic for me. The conversations I had reminded me of two things:

  1. How my insecurities led me to a downward spiral of sinfulness
  2. A sermon I heard a while back that focused a lot on being secure in God (on 1 Samuel 18: 1-15)

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