Prayer from a Scared Soul

Dear God,

Please, don’t give up on me. I know that head knowledge tells me you won’t, because you’re a faithful God. A God who is faithful not just to us, but faithful to your own character. But God, fear still grips my heart. 

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Prayer Ranger

If there wasn’t a group named Prayer Rangers at at least one of your church retreats, you’re a liar.

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Zero Waste

Wow. I’m finally getting to this post. This has been sitting in my head for the past 1.5 weeks now, so unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to as accurately capture the thoughts and emotions I had when I first wanted to write this. Poo.

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Fish & Eggs

I had a hodgepodge of thoughts during today’s sermon, having different scatters of dots connect. You know what that means? My writing is also probably going to be scattered. Apologies in advance.

The sermon was on Luke 11: 5-13 and Luke 18: 1-8.

Both of these were used to demonstrate how we should pray – boldly and persistently.

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Unceasing Prayer

This past Sunday, before the start of praise, I was thinking about prayer. More specifically, I was thinking about how to “pray without ceasing.” I was asking myself what that looks like, what that means.

I’m not totally sure what spurred the thought, but man, God ain’t playing no games.

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Intentional Prayer

Very, very recently, I’ve been getting a a slightly better picture of what it looks like to pray intentionally. I find God challenging me – hard – to talk less, pray more.

It’s really easy for me to get in my own head. My head is easily overruled by my rampant emotions.

A few weeks ago, I was experiencing persistent restlessness that made it difficult for me to sleep. The desires that surfaced threw my thoughts and emotions into a big mess. It really shouldn’t even be a big deal… but I seriously felt like a total lunatic.

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