I originally had this draft started back in July…

Then poop hit the fan and I fell apart. And, I had little motivation to continue this post because the sentiment was no longer true.

I guess you could say that it’s relevant again. Though, I originally had a more upbeat tone when I started this last year (my title was originally “The Best News Possible”).

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Prayer from Deaf Ears

Dear God,

You say to ask and it will be given to us. Why does it feel so silent? Why is it that even as I beseech you to bring me into your presence, to be met by you, I seem to feel nothing? When I ask for help to focus on you, why do distractions come crashing down?

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This post has actually been waiting to be written for about a month now. So, a lot of these are thoughts I started having awhile ago.

I’ve lost plenty of friendships in the past few years. Some have been the kind of loss where God had to slice them out of my life. Others were gradual drifts. Some feel like they’re kind of floating in a weird limbo.

In light of the most recent falling out that I had, I took time to reflect on why it seems like I can’t maintain relationships with people.

How do I continue to end up in this place?

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“Single, Gay, Christian”

413r98etcml-_sx331_bo1204203200_I definitely recommend Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity to people.

I will avoid the topic of homosexuality/same-sex marriage like the plague. It’s just one of those topics thatI feel won’t go well with non-believers. With believers, even if they believe in same-sex marriage, at least we’re working off the same general foundation of Scripture and God. At least, I can share my viewpoint, knowing that I can share Scripture. For a non-believer, what validity would the bible have in a conversation?

But, it’s a topic that I think would find less frightening if I was better educated.

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“Prophetic Lament”

51c7ika-uclI’ll need to get myself into the habit of writing these posts shortly after finishing a book… I finished Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times a few weeks ago, finishing another book after that, and currently getting through another. So, yeah. I definitely can’t reproduce my thoughts from when I was reading through, heh.

This post is going to just be really general and not thought-out, I guess.

My former YG pastor/JDSN bought me a copy of this book to help with questions and struggles I immediately had following the Philando Castile case.

Of course, the book doesn’t fully solve my unrest. However, it still helped.

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Powerful. Good. Here.

I was all set on what to write about today. Was finally going to get to some backed up blog ideas. Then bam. Sermon hits me right in the gut.

And between you and me, I wasn’t expecting myself to care too much about today’s sermon. Well, turned out that I couldn’t put my pen down.

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Hello, 2018

After my post from yesterday morning, I went to service and got rocked by the sermon.

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Goodbye, 2017

Consensus seems to be that 2017 was a crap year.

I’m going to have to agree with that.

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말해 yes or no

I almost titled this “Lukewarm” but managed to remember that I already used that before, heh.

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