Eyes (Still) on You

It’s ridiculous how long this has been sitting in my draft. I’ve written about this general truth that people are watching, that there are certain standards and expectations of Christian behavior and living.

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The Views

I feel like I’ve been slacking on parsing my thoughts/reflections, so even if it’s super sloppy writing, I wanted to make sure to get my thoughts down from today’s sermon.

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Stash of Manna

I was listening to a sermon on grumbling and complaining, based on Numbers 11. I knew I needed to hear this, because it’s been on my mind lately. And of course, I was not disappointed. The sermon spoke directly to my heart.

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See, Care, and Respond (Pt. 2)

I left out a bunch of stuff I originally wanted to write in my first post.

And, since I am so delayed in writing this, I’m not sure that I remember what all those other things were.

But, the main thing I wanted to write about was “meeting needs.”

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