A very cute human slept over the past weekend and of course, we spent the first few hours of the late night talking about all kinds of stuff. Something that came up was how watching K-dramas can really warp your perception and expectations with romance and relationships.

I’m pretty sure that I wrote about guarding your heart, at some point in time, on my blog. But, I have not the slightest idea on which post that is. Oh well.

Moving on.

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The past several weeks have been rough with both internal and external struggles. Through it all, the most obvious conclusion has been that without Him, I am truly nothing.

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Peace by Piece

I’ve been doing a little better in regards to things with my grandparents.

Just working through some recent reflections.

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Downcast & Disturbed

Oof. Where to start? What to even write?

I am totally backed up on posts. Thoughts keep piling up, while I have been lacking the time and energy to write out the posts that I wanted.

I’m also pretty anal about how I keep my blog and how I write my posts. I’ve been trying to loosen up on that, but it’s still weird for me to write such thought-dump posts with no actual thought process.

Well, here goes nothing. Let’s see where we end up, shall we?

One thing’s for sure. It’s going to be a super long post.

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This might actually be the most jumbled post I write, and perhaps, ever will write, on here.

I just need to get this clutter out of my head and straightened out in words.

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