Christian and Feminist?

I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired lately. I’m getting back into devotionals and prayers, but they’ve been difficult (mostly the praying part). I think that I need to start writing them again.

I’m also just too tired to think and write by the end of the day, when I have time to use however I want. But, with this week, I’m only getting busier and I wanted to write, since I got to work from home today and therefore, have some leftover energy.

This is something that’s been on my mind for the past few months, but again, I’ve been uninspired. Hopefully, this post doesn’t end up being insipid.

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I’m rusty with this blogging thing. Minus the one about my Corolla, I haven’t written a more intentional post in awhile. I’ve gotten very accustomed to the emotional outpouring kind of posts.

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A very cute human slept over the past weekend and of course, we spent the first few hours of the late night talking about all kinds of stuff. Something that came up was how watching K-dramas can really warp your perception and expectations with romance and relationships.

I’m pretty sure that I wrote about guarding your heart, at some point in time, on my blog. But, I have not the slightest idea on which post that is. Oh well.

Moving on.

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The past several weeks have been rough with both internal and external struggles. Through it all, the most obvious conclusion has been that without Him, I am truly nothing.

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