Fight for Your Life

I love Dr. Strange. I rewatched it two Saturdays ago and honestly, I’m never going to not appreciate this movie.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a post dedicated to my love for Dr. Strange, Benadryl Cumbersquatch, or the MCU.

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I wish I could take down notes when I’m having a verbal conversation. My thoughts are messy and I feel like I can’t remember half the thoughts I had.

Time to just word vomit.

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Blood, Sweat, Tears


Hehe. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

I have been wanting to write this post for weeks now. Ah, better late than never, right? Then again, this isn’t anything new (lulz).

Why did it even take me so long to get to this? It’s not like I was planning on making this a long post. Ok, ANYWAYS.

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She told me that I need to relinquish control to God. She’s right, I know. But why does it have to be so dang difficult to do that?

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Feelings vs. Truth

As I drove to church yesterday morning, I felt a pang of guilt while singing along to praise music. I felt like a liar, like an impostor.

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I originally had this draft started back in July…

Then poop hit the fan and I fell apart. And, I had little motivation to continue this post because the sentiment was no longer true.

I guess you could say that it’s relevant again. Though, I originally had a more upbeat tone when I started this last year (my title was originally “The Best News Possible”).

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Goodbye, 2017

Consensus seems to be that 2017 was a crap year.

I’m going to have to agree with that.

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말해 yes or no

I almost titled this “Lukewarm” but managed to remember that I already used that before, heh.

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Shared Suffering

I hate how unmotivated and uninspired I’ve been. Not that I don’t have things to write, but meh. Which is why I’m writing a post that should have been written two weeks ago.  Meh.

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