Prayer Ranger

If there wasn’t a group named Prayer Rangers at at least one of your church retreats, you’re a liar.

Now that I’ve got some name-calling out of the way…

A few months ago, during a CG meeting, we got on the topic of an elderly couple at my church. One of the CG members said something about how if you talk to them. chances are, they’ll also be praying for you.

That’s been stuck with me ever since.

Even before that CG meeting, God has been placing a desire on my heart to pray more intentionally for more people.

It all started when I reflected on how people, myself included, will share something and then go, “Pray for me!!!” And, people, myself included, always seem to answer, “I’ll be praying!!!”

But like, how often have I stayed true to that verbal commitment? The answer should be 10/10.

Spoiler alert: it’s not.

I also reflected on how I was feeling hurt that there were people who were telling me they’ll pray for me, but I knew they weren’t. Not because it was anything personal between us, but because I know that they haven’t actually prayed or touched God’s Word in a long while.

But, it still kind of hurt, nonetheless. Because, I felt like I really needed people to rally behind me in prayer. Because, I was sharing a lot of heavy burdens with them and desired partnerships in prayer.

I realized I needed to stop focusing on my hurt and reassess my own actions. I thought about how often I am guilty of saying I’ll pray, only to not. Not because it was anything personal, but because I was either lazy, just not praying in general, or too self-centered.

I’ve been working on it. And – all thanks and glory to God – it’s been going pretty well. If I tell someone I’ll lift a prayer for them, I make darn sure that I do that on that day.

The reason the comment about the couple really stuck with me is because what that implied was that they¬†listen. They listen to whatever it is you have to share, and they find something to lift up, even if you don’t share (or recognize) that something yourself, whether it’s a prayer of praise or of petition (or both!). It means they’re tuning their ears to hear what God wants them to pick up on.

I want my ears to be wide open, my heart in tune with God, aware and alert of people’s blessings and needs, and partnering with them in thanksgiving and petition. I want to be that kind of person – if you talk to me, chances are, I’m also going to be praying for you.




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