So Stop Hiding


I almost never paid attention in my American lit class because it was an absolute joke and utterly useless to me. Somehow though, I managed to still get something out of the class.

The first was when my professor told us not to try and take all blame upon ourselves. God, the Creator of the universe, already knows that we cannot handle that kind of burden and would never expect us to shoulder all blame. The second was when we were reading through some of Emerson’s stuff and I just happened to pay a bit of attention when we were reading this particular section. There was one line that just smacked me in the face:

There is no object so foul that intense light will not make beautiful.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

God finds all kinds of ways to speak to me, my readings being one of them. When we read this line, I couldn’t help but to be taken aback. This is part of the Gospel. This helps describe part of God’s love, grace, and holiness. This points back to the work of the cross.

There were, and still are, many times when I do something wrong or screw up. Then I feel embarrassed because I think that I should have (and often do) know better. Then I just want to hide from God because I feel so ashamed of myself. I think my sin is just too humiliating to bring it before God and instead, I try to bury it down and keep a distance until I feel like it’s okay to poke my head back out.

How silly. I know it’s silly. I mean, what could I possibly hide from God? I can hide in the deepest hole or the darkest room and He’ll still see me. It’s not like covering myself also coves my sin so that He can’t see. Shoot, he knows what sins I’d commit and what mistakes I would make from the start of time.

Knowing that I would be this sinful mess, He sent Christ to cleanse me. He sent Christ as the ultimate atonement for every sin that I would commit. The beauty of His cross is more than the ugliness of my sins. I don’t need to hide because He’s already suffered the punishment that I deserved. He died the death that I should die. He rose again to give me new life. He is the light that makes a foul sinner like me, clean. No sin is too big for God.



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